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Monthly Sound Bath Membership

I help individuals take time for themselves, so they feel more energized, balanced and connected. 

Learn more about our monthly membership below!

Are you tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Are you tired of constantly feeling fatigued?

Are you tired of being stiff and sore?

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Welcome to the Sound Bath Membership!


“That was mentally nourishing"


“Very healing and grounding. Thank you!"


"Thank you, your sound baths are always amazing!"



Meet your sound therapist

Shelly Paquette

Shelly is the Owner and founder of the Wellness Room. Shelly has been working in the Natural Health field for over 15 years. She is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Shiatsu Therapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Five Element Iridologist, Transformational Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Reflexologist, Quantum Healing Practitioner, Yoga Instructor and Sound Healer.

Shelly was introduced to Sound Healing while attending the Windsong School of Healing in 2008. She explored how to use drums, rattles, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, toning, and chanting as well as Chakra Healing and Balancing. 

As a Holistic Health Practitioner Shelly would use sound to help improve her clients health and well-being.

Recoginizing the profound affect that sound has on the entire body, mind and spirit Shelly continued her training and sucessfully completed her Sound Therapy training "Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls and Sacred Sound" in 2019 

Since taking her training Shelly has performed Soundbaths for more than 3000 people both Online and in-person and has had tremedous feedback about the positive changes clients are experiencing.

Aside from work Shelly is an Adoptive mother to one amazing boy. Some of her other interests include personal development, spiritual awakening, gardening, and painting.

Imagine if you woke up feeling energized

Imagine if you felt better on a daily basis

Imagine if you were more grounded and peaceful

Imagine if you reduced your body pain

Imagine if you woke up rested

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What you'll get

Private FAcebook Group

This is where all the action will take place.

You will recieve a montlhy live sound bath played specifically with each member in mind.

two 20 minute Tune ups

Two pre-recorded sound baths, for you to listen to at any time. 

Opportunity to ask Shelly questions regarding health and well-being.

Weekly q&a

Live 75 minute sound bath

What people are saying

“That was really beautiful, thank you!"


“Shelly that was the best sleep I've had in a while!!! Thank you"


"What a wonderful gift you have shared."


Are you ready to wake up feeling energized?   



Are you ready to feel better on a daily basis?



Are you ready to be more grounded?


Are you ready to release your pain and stiffness?


Are you ready to wake up rested?


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Join now!

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