Our Team

We have gathered an amazing collective of professional and inspirational yoga instructors. With a variety of styles and experience, all have a deep and intimate respect for the life changing  power of yoga. Our teachers are dedicated and passionate about sharing their expertise with students of all levels.

Shelly Paquette
Shelly is the Owner and founder of the Wellness Room. Shelly has been working in the Natural Health field for over 15 years. She is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Shiatsu Therapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Five Element Iridologist, Transformational Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Reflexologist and Yoga Instructor

Shelly was introduced to Yoga while attending the Windsong School of Healing in 2008.

Learning the benefits of Yoga she would offer specific poses to her clients in conjunction with their body work sessions.  Looking for new ways to balance hormones Shelly decided to dive deeper into her practice and take a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through SOYA . Sparking her interest Shelly continued her training and has acquired Certification in Yin, Restorative, and Kids Yoga. Her passion is to help people connect to their deep-selves, slow down and become more in-tune with their body, mind and soul. Shelly’s classes are gentle, rejuvenating and restorative.

Aside from Yoga Shelly is an Adoptive mother to one amazing boy. Some of her other interests include personal development, spiritual awakening, gardening, and painting.

Curtis Seeger

Curtis is a Raynor Massage Practitioner, Iridologist, Herbalist, Body Electronic Practitioner, Crystal and Sound Healer, Meditation Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Aikido Sensei.

Curtis has been an Aikido teacher “Sensei” for 30 years, since training with the Tokyo Riot Police in Japan in 1990..  Aikido “ the way of harmony” has at its roots the practical philosophy of the “loving protection of all beings”. Its physical and energetic components are combined to allow one to remain in balance and receptive to all energies and to allow aggressive energies to flow through and be grounded in a safe and non-harmful manner. Following through from Curtis’s lifelong practice of Aikido Curtis offers classes that challenge participants to come to new levels of being alive and aware in their bodies. Imagine turning the clock back to when you were 6 years old and able to move freely and with joy … Everything is possible … let go of what was and step into what you now create through action and intent.
Curtis has also done intensive work with Amazonian Shamanic plant medicines and brings in his deep connection with the Master Plants and Energy clearing techniques to all his work.

In his leisure time Curtis enjoys…song writing, music, meditation, reading and expanding his awareness.

Paul Couturier
Paul has numerous years of experience and study in a variety of mind/body modalities such as meditation, Tai Chi, Iyengar Yoga, and course work both through Edgar Cayce and Yosodhara Ashram. He is a Reiki Master Teacher.
He began Meditation Teacher Training at Padma Yoga in 2003 where he continued his studies for seven years.
In 2013 he retired from his day job and set out to get his Yoga Teacher training in Mexico, Playa de Carmen at Yoga by the Way. Now called Yogaloft with Ellen de Jonge.
Paul is an avid traveler connecting to Sacred sites in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Cambodia and Loas.
Paul is a gentle and enthusiastic teacher loving to meet students where they are at helping them to meet their fullest potential.

Breanne Evjen

Breanne has discovered many different styles of yoga throughout the various cities and towns she has stumbled upon while travelling. Resonating most with Ashtanga she became certified through Red Buddha in Mexico, Isla Mujures.

Breanne is a Holistic Health Counsellor receiving her Diploma through the Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver. Breanne is a student of life attending many workshops and retreats from around the World to expand her knowledge and awareness.

From meditation groups in Nelson, to Freshstart in Campbell River, Bikram Series in New Zealand to meditating in Temples in Thailand. Breanne embraces many teachings, cultures and paths in all aspect of her life.

The Ayurvedic way of life is greatly valued and emphasized.  Not only are the classes for self observation, posture, breath and meditation but how you lead your life outside of the class helps you reach a state of joy and peace.

Working with Breanne you will be sure to have a personalized experience whether it be individually, in class or taking one of her workshops or programs. Breanne is open and delicate with your needs while helping you push your limits. Holding space to raise your vibration, open your mind, allowing clarity and purity to flow.

Rebekah Smiley
Rebekah first discovered the practice of yoga back in 2001 in her hometown of Montreal, Quebec and instantly fell in love with it. The practice helped Rebekah manage daily stressors and healing of various competitive sport injuries. Rebekah has a B.A in Psychology from Bishop’s University. She has been involved with coaching alpine ski racing since 1998 and continues to coach young children with the Sunpeaks Alpine Club. In 2007, while backpacking through South-East Asia she was introduced to varied teachings of yoga and her curiosity for the practice truly flourished. In 2018, Rebekah followed her dream to reality and completed her teacher training with SOYA. She is trained in Hatha Yoga, primarily Vinyasa. She began teaching in January 2019 at Satya Yoga Studio in Williams Lake, BC. Recently, Rebekah completed her certification (March 2020) in Trauna-informed training through Yoga Outreach. Her classes are a gentle pace with just the right amount challenge for all beings. When she is not on the mat, Rebekah is a mother to 2 children, wife, avid foodie, long-time alpine ski coach, mountain biker and lover of water. Rebekah and her family have a passion for traveling and exploring the world, bringing her children to faraway places. Rebekah has her Paddle Canada and Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga certifications and offers SUP Yoga and skills sessions. She is the owner and operator of TULA YOGA and SUP

Jessie Lens
Certified yoga instructor/licensed hairstylist
Jessie and her family joined the community of Williams Lake, moving from northern Saskatchewan in the summer of 2015. She has been in the beauty industry since 2005, and recently purchased the salon she has been working at. Jessie finished her 200 hour extended YTT through Multi Style Yoga International in February 2019. The program was co-facilitated in 100 Mile House through Blissed Out Yoga & Fitness. Becoming a yoga teacher is something she’s wanted to do for the last decade, but having young children knew it wasn’t really possible to leave her family to do a full immersion course. Until the perfect opportunity fell into her lap, 200 hour YTT spread out over a 6 month journey. She learnt just how much more there is to Yoga then just a physical practice. Her last year and a half teaching at Satya was an amazing experience. To watch yoga bring together a community of beautiful people, experienced in the practice or not, come together as equals with no judgment is so humbling. Everyone seems to get a little something different from their yoga experiences, and Jessie is extremely grateful to be the one to help you achieve these experiences. She’s extremely excited to make a new chapter teaching at The Wellness Room, and cannot wait to see some familiar faces and some new ones.
Steph Huska
Steph completed her Yoga Teacher Training through South Okanagan Yoga Academy. She is the mother of 3 boys, 1 girl and loves to do anything outside including running, biking, hiking, and gardening. As a teacher, Stephanie is committed to helping her students connect with their bodies and give them tools to drop into their experience. Her classes generally include components of mindfulness and breathwork along with a flowing practice. Her wish is that everyone leaves her class feeling grounded and revitalized.
Daryl Drozda

Yoga Practitioner/Marketing Coordinator/Aspiring Jedi


Daryl started exploring her yoga practice as a teen. She further developed her practice in university, finding community in the studio, after the years of playing team sports in her youth concluded. Daryl was introduced to Ashtanga yoga after meeting her teacher at a spin class. Curious to learn more about the history and philosophy of the “eight limbed” yoga practice, Daryl obtained a 300 hr YTT certification while attending a summer school intensive at Yoga Hana in Kamloops, BC. Daryl appreciates the structure and discipline of this practice. She resonates with Iyengar’s commentary on the Yoga Sutras according to Patanjali, especially that “yoga calms the fluctuations of the mind”. She strives to hold space for you to quiet your mind in her classes to “… feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere…” – Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back.